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The well awaited commission chart!

Took me forever to post, since tumblr’s server wants to be a Lemonardo. But at last, here it is!

I accept payment via paypal only, unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in commissioning me contact me here:

There, we can chat about what you would like intimately! If you want something super sugary or somewhat creepy, don’t hesitate to contact me!~

fonts used for the chart are Purimonorori and Sweet Love from


I’ve added 2 rules that I forgot to put on the the chart initially.

$10 for colored lines and $15 for changes made AFTER the commission is completed.
I’ve had instances in the past working on other commissions where I would be asked to add or change something after the work was done. It is not an issue if the customer does not like what they receive, however I would rather be told specifically what colors, shading, etc. would like to be done to the drawing while I am in the middle of the coloring process. Having to return to the finished product to add or change something takes away all the time that I could be using to work on other commissions and personal projects, and also devalues the time and effort I had put into the commission before. So with that being said, if you would like something added, taken away, or colored in a different way then there will be an additional $15 charge to your commission. 

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posted on July 7, 2013